Glenn Beck Conducts Experiments with Ice Cream Sandwiches


A Cincinnati local news station did a report on how one mother was astounded that a Walmart Great Value ice cream sandwich does not melt, as opposed what ice cream sandwiches normally do. Glenn Beck found it just odd enough to actually conduct an experiment on his radio show with Walmart Great Value ice cream sandwiches.

No, seriously, look.

Those are plates with melted ice cream sandwiches on it, including the Walmart one. Which, of course, means they basically disproved this ironclad theory about ice cream sandwich science. (Though they did put the sandwiches outside in Texas in the summer, so who knows.)

Also, when you watch the clip from Beck’s radio show, you’ll notice he wasn’t too keen on letting the others enjoy a nice little ice cream sandwich of their own.

You can watch how the experiment turned out here, via BlazeTV:

And you can watch the original WCPO report here:

[image via screengrab]

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