Glenn Beck Whitesplains How Black Lives Matter is Really About Black-on-Black Crime


The denizens of popular right-wing website gathered in Denver, Colorado this weekend for their annual gathering, and since the site has taken a decidedly anti-Donald Trump stance, their headliner was pro-Ted Cruz media gadabout Glenn Beck. Most of Beck’s keynote address was devoted to topsy-turvy “history” lessons, but toward the end, he ventured into an explanation of current events that was equally whiplash-inducing.

The headline Beck seems to be looking for is that he’s breaking with the “textbook racist” wing of the Republican Party that’s supporting Donald Trump by recognizing that “All Lives Matter” is a stupid, offensive response to “Black Lives Matter,” and doing it by screaming an “ingenious” pie metaphor like a crazy person:

Now, it’s tempting to give Beck credit for trying, even though the problem with “All Lives Matter” isn’t that people aren’t listening to Black Lives Matter, it’s that they are trying to silence Black Lives Matter. Sure, his pie metaphor is trivial and demeaning, but at least he’s trying, right?

Well, not exactly. Right before Beck did his best impression of empathy for black people, he called black activists “communists,” and told the Redstate crowd that when he stopped to listen to “these people,” they kept telling him that what they really need is help with the other blacks:

I sat and I listened to these people who said “I’m not with these guys, but I was marching, but I’m not with these guys. But I’m afraid of my own grandchildren. Something’s happening in our own community, and we need to help. We need help, we need to figure this out. Something is happening in our own community that we don’t recognize. Black Lives Matter.

If you’re wondering just what that has to do with Beck’s pie metaphor, the answer is that this smearing of Black Lives Matter was the toll he felt he had to pay in order to say anything remotely “positive” about Black Lives Matter, or about black lives mattering.

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