ABC’s Stephanopoulos and Karl Squirm At Spicer Emmy Cameo: ‘Joking About … Blatantly Misleading the American People’


The hosts of Good Morning America took a moment on Monday to squirm in their seats about that Sean Spicer cameo during the 2017 Emmy awards on Sunday.

Less than a minute in length, the bit involved Spicer rolling out a podium (thank you Melissa Mccarthy) and lauding the show’s crowd size.

“This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period! Both in person and around the world,” said Spicer.

George Stephanopoulos seemed perturbed.

“I had a mixed reaction,” he said. “Listen, anybody can make fun of themselves, that’s a good thing, but this is a pretty serious problem. Jon Karl said in the White House briefing room every single day, where Sean and other representatives of of the administration simply didn’t tell the truth.”

Karl, ABC’s White House guy, was on hand to offer is agreement with the assessment.

“He showed he was willing to humiliate himself on a very big stage,” said Karl of Spicer’s performance. “But he’s joking about the fact that he blatantly mislead the American people on his first day on the job.”

“Not that funny,” Stephanopoulos quipped.

The GMA position was in-keeping with similar thoughts offered on CNN as well as blue check Twitter. Spicer’s performance shook the social media platform to its foundation, with an overflowing volume of finger-wagging takes like this

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