GOP Congressman: Trump is ‘Not Going to Get $5 Billion For a Wall’


President Donald Trump‘s $5 billion dollar border wall funding demand? Ain’t going to happen. And that’s according to a member of his own party.

Appearing on CNN Monday, outgoing Rep. Ryan Costello (R-PA) tore into the president amid the continuing government shutdown fight. The Congressman believes the president is committing a tactical error by allowing the shutdown to extend into the new year — when he’ll have to negotiate with a Democratic-controlled House.

“The president’s position has been unreasonable to the extent that somebody can understand what his specific position is,” Costello said. “He is not going to get $5 billion for a wall.

“And the most mysterious unexplainable part in all of this is why the president decided he would rather deal with House Democrats than House Republicans in order to avert, or get his way out of, a government shutdown.”

Costello, indeed, believes Democrats are dug in on the border wall — and unlikely to cave.

“We’re starting to hear the Democrats view this as a moral issue,” Costello said. “And I just don’t see how House Democrats are going to vote for any more border funding for a wall. There might be a way to slice and dice this, and have some border security measures in there. But…I think the president has backed himself into a corner. He owns this shutdown. He said it was going to be his shut down. And he has not provided clarity on what he would agree to. And as a consequence, everything is ambiguous at this point.”

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