Rick Wilson Mocks Trump Supporters Offended By CNN Remarks: ‘Fragile, Insecure, Weak-Ass Punks’


The always animated GOP strategist Rick Wilson continued his crusade against Donald Trump supporters on Wednesday, as he called those offended by his comments on CNN today — in which he said much of the president’s base “want anybody who’s darker than a latte deported” —  “fragile, insecure, weak-ass punks.”

Wilson’s segment this morning consisted of the GOP insider focusing on the immigrant debate, as well as suggesting many Trump supporters are “not happy about immigration of any kind.”

“They don’t believe in the asylum process,” he added. “They want to take and separate these families as a matter of deterrence and as a sort of theater of cruelty.”

Those remarks caused quite a stir among the online MAGA community, with many Trump supporters going after Wilson on Twitter for suggesting they hold racist views.

He then responded with a five part Twitter thread both mocking the irony that the supposedly anti-politically crowd are offended and explaining why he believes they hold racially charged, anti-immigrant views:

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