comScore Gowdy: After Thursday’s Testimony, Benghazi Interviews Will Now Be Conducted ‘Privately’

Gowdy: After Thursday’s Testimony, Benghazi Interviews Will Now Be Conducted ‘Privately’

Rep. Trey Gowdy defended the Benghazi hearings Sunday on Meet the Press, but suggested in the future that the panel will err on the side of “private” interviews.

“I can just tell you that in the 50 some odd interviews we have done thus far, the vast majority of them have been private and you don’t see the bickering among the members of Congress in private interviews,” Gowdy said.

Gowdy told host Chuck Todd that Hillary Clinton requested the “voluntary interview” be public, which he noted was “well within her rights,” but added that there is never “any of what you saw Thursday” in closed-door hearings. “It is one hour on the Republican side, one hour on the Democrat side, which is why you’re going to see the next two dozen interviews done privately,” Gowdy said. “The private ones always produce better results.”

Asked whether the cameras affected how the representatives conducted themselves during the hearing, Gowdy replied, “What do you think, Chuck?”

Defending Thursday’s panel, Gowdy said there are “credibility” issues involving Clinton’s testimony. “When she’s asked whether she takes responsibility, she says, ‘Yes.’ But when you ask, ‘Responsibility for what?’ I can’t tell you what she’s taking responsibility for,” Gowdy said.

Gowdy also justified the extensive line of questioning surrounding email exchanges between Clinton and former political advisor Sidney Blumenthal. “I respect the fact that other people have different perspectives, but to me, those are not Sidney Blumenthal’s emails, they are Secretary Clinton’s emails to or from Sidney Blumenthal,” Gowdy said, adding, “Every one of them relates to Libya and Benghazi, So I’m not reading Blumenthal emails about bridesmaid’s dresses, or wedding plans, or yoga.”

Gowdy went on to say that Clinton was “cooperative” in that she “answered the questions,” but clarified that he “always injected an element of wholeness and completeness and also truthfulness in the definition of cooperative.”

“So did she cooperate and answer the questions, yes. Was it an honest answer, no,” Gowdy said.

Watch the full interview above, via NBC.

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