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Great Moments In Higher Education: St. Joe’s Offers Online Bracketology Course

hu_080221ncb_lunardi2vThere’s something to be said for college as the great time of academic experimentation – taking a class for no other reason than that it interests you, maximizing the possibilities of youth, etc. Regardless, this appears a bit much: ESPN NCAA basketball tournament expert Joseph Lunardi is heading an online course at his alma mater, St. Joseph’s (Philadelphia), in…bracketology.

That’s right, bracketology – the study of NCAA tournament brackets, the things you fill out for office contests and sometimes get college football coaches fired. (The course, affiliated with St. Joseph’s professional school, doesn’t look like a viable option for undergraduate elective credit.)

The folks over at The Big Lead seem unimpressed both with Lunardi’s credentials (claiming they fared better than he did at predicting the most recent NCAA tournament field) and with the course in general. We’ll allow that $249 seems like a bit much to pay for an online certificate in bracketology/Joseph Lunardi autograph, but also feel compelled to point out that this site, which The Big Lead deemed a free alternative to such a course, isn’t totally free.

But the real question here is: what do other St. Joe’s alums think of their alma mater hosting this academic opportunity? Fellow Mediaite/SportsGrid intern Dan Fogarty (St. Joseph’s class of ’09, as luck would have it) weighs in:

When I went to Saint Joe’s, most of the curriculum was focused on the sciences, arts, and business, so-called “important” classes that were “academically legitimate.” But what good is a fancy degree if I don’t know the basic principles of seeding and bracketing in the NCAA tourney?

If we get Dick Vitale to teach our “ACC Point Guards of the Early ’90s” seminar, we’re practically Harvard.

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