Great Moments In Journalism: Sarah Palin Marginalization Starts Early At MSNBC

palin_11-13Beginning next week Sarah Palin and her book, “Going Rogue,” are going to be everywhere.

But we got a preview today of one way she’ll be welcomed — with marginalization, jokes and borderline sexist segments.

Friday on MSNBC, Dylan Ratigan spent a few minutes during his Morning Meeting to address, “what is it about Palin that drives America wild?” He and his staff put together a Letterman-esque “Top 10 Reasons America is Obsessed with Sarah Palin.” And you can imagine the direction this goes…

#9? “She’s hot!” #6? Ratigan calls her the “ultimate capitalist” because “she’ll sell anything to anybody for any reason.”

And the number one reason America is obsessed with Palin: “Family drama that makes you feel better about your own.”

This probably won’t surprise a lot of people, and she’s a public figure so it’s not entirely unfair for Ratigan and others to make jokes about her. Furthermore when she’s out on her media blitz – Oprah, a five-parter with Barbara Walters and much more – she’ll probably throw some serious jabs of her own. But look at the way the video was promoted on’s TV front page:

Besides being a pretty degrading image of Sarah Palin, this shot was proven long ago to be photoshopped and fake. So why use it? Well, depending on your point of view, you probably have a guess.

Here’s the segment:

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