Greta Van Susteren On Ed Schultz’s Apology: Let It Go, ‘I Think He Got The Message’


Greta Van Susteren took to her blog to admit that she too found Ed Schultz‘s recent comments unacceptable, but that she was so impressed with his sincere apology that she urges everyone to now “let it go.” And she hopes that Laura Ingraham accepts the apology and advises she “just chalk it up to the competition going stupid.”

Greta continues by suggesting that his temporary suspension from MSNBC is a “just sanction” and after that, she hopes everyone “let him off the hook and move on. (No one died, someone just acted really boorish.)” Instead of continuing to pile on Schultz, Greta hopes this incident can be used as an opportunity for all to evaluate the way in which they discuss females in politics and the media. Regarding Schultz, Greta confidently states “I think he got the message.”

The fact that Schultz is Greta’s direct time slot competitor makes her plea for forgiving Schultz all the more noble. Not to suggest that cable news personalities might enjoy the mistakes of their direct competitors, but it would have been very easy for Greta to have said nothing at all. Greta leading the charge to commend Schultz for his real “fall on the sword” apology (and faster than any of Schultz’s own MSNBC colleagues) is truly a classy move. And her point is accurate, anyone can get caught up in the moment and blurt out something really stupid. What should matter more is whether the offender truly shocked themselves by what they said or seems shocked that they need to apologize to keep their job. In Schultz’s case, it is clearly the former, and he should be welcomed back to MSNBC with a new respect from viewers for a man who is bravely willing to own up to his mistakes and who can boldly demonstrate how to learn and grow from them.

Check out Greta’s blog post here.

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