Hacker Groups Strike Again: USA Today Twitter Hacked

It’s getting to the point where this just has to be a part of accepted modern life; every few months or so, a news organization of some kind is going to get hacked for an hour.

Following in the footsteps of NBC News, Fox News, and PBS, USA Today is the latest to fall victim to the nimble fingers and crude MS Paint drawings of today’s hacker elite. The hack occurred yesterday as the paper’s Twitter account started posting links to the Facebook page of a group called the Script Kiddies.

Here’s an image of the hacked messages courtesy of CNET:

That Script Kiddies twitter account, like the one from their NBC News hack a few weeks ago, has quickly been suspended by Twitter. Their Facebook page still exists.

After regaining control, the USA Today account tweeted this:

I wonder if the hackers ever worry that, by hacking everyone’s Twitter account, the novelty will ware off? Eventually news sites won’t even cover the hackings. It’ll just be another part of the daily routine. Someone in the office will remark, “Oh, did you see the New York Times tweeted a picture of a stick figure with a giant penis?” and everyone will nod and begin talking about something else.

Ah, what a bright future we have to look forward to.

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