Hackers Reported to Have Altered 2016 Presidential Campaign Voter Information

According to a report by Time Magazine on Thursday, current and former officials said that hackers were a lot more involved in the 2016 election than previously stated, including a successful attempt to change voter information and steal voter information.

This hack was discovered and changed back, according to officials. But so far they have not connected it to Russia, despite previous speculation. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he did not order the hack, but some “patriotically minded” citizens might have. Putin continued the next day said it’s very possible any hacker, from any part of the world, could have done it and blamed it on Russia.

However, the article by Time attributes the 90,000 records stolen in Illinois to Russian state actors, which contained driver’s license numbers and the last four digits of Social Security numbers, according to Ken Menzel, the General Counsel of the Illinois State Board Elections.

The investigation continues though, as officials look to see if either side of the presidential campaign obtained this stolen information. According to CNN last week, House investigators are planning to call Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign digital director, for testimony and documents.

Talk of the Russian’s involvement in the campaign has not died down, as just yesterday reporters asked Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer in a press briefing about the Russian involvement. Spicer’s answer remained vague as he just said “I’ve not asked the president about that.”

Thursday, the House and Senate Intelligence committees held hearings about the U.S. election system’s flaws and addressing the fear of more hacks in the future. According to the officials though, the hacks did not impact the vote count.

Congressman Adam Schiff was not convinced, saying (via Time), “There’s no evidence they were able to effect the counting within the machines, the effect on the election is quite a different matter.”

Michael Bahar with the House Intelligence Committee, says he plans to continue this investigation so it doesn’t happen again.

“The integrity of the entire system is in question,” Bahar said, “So you need the system to push back and find out what happened and why, so it never happens again.”

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