Hannity Goes on All-Caps Tweetstorm Against Media Matters President: ‘WHY DO YOU VICTIM SHAME?’

Sean Hannity went on a tweetstorm against the president of Media Matters this morning, hours before Angelo Carusone‘s appearance on CNN today.

Carusone is set to appear on Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter in the wake of a big media kerfuffle over Hannity’s advertisers.

In the past week, Carusone publicly called out advertisers in the wake of backlash to his coverage of Roy Moore. The most notable advertiser of the bunch was Keurig, and Hannity fans had started smashing their coffeemakers.

Hannity has since posted this:

But with Carusone appearing on CNN this morning, Hannity went on a major tweetstorm against him and Stelter:

Stelter took note of the all-caps tweets:

Last week Hannity gave Moore 24 hours to clear up his inconsistencies or drop out, but he subsequently said it’s up to the people of Alabama to decide.

[image via screengrab]

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