Twitter Absolutely Blows Up In Response to Keurig Pulling Its Ads From Hannity’s Show


Following the bombshell allegations against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore that he initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old when he was 32, the first place he turned to for an on-air interview was Fox News’ Sean Hannity. While the conservative host was given some plaudits for his tough questioning of Moore, he has come under fire for the rest of his coverage of Moore in the wake of the explosive story.

Largely due to a concerted effort by Media Matters for America’s president Angelo Carusone, at least five companies have pulled their advertisements. One of the businesses that stopped their ads was coffeemaker Keurig, who answered directly to Carusone over the weekend that it had asked Fox News to no longer air its commercials during Hannity’s show.

By Sunday, the hashtag #BoycottKeurig was trending as Hannity fans and MAGA Twitter declared that they would no longer buy the coffee machines or pods over the company’s decision. One MAGA account went so far as to post a video of someone tossing their Keurig machine off of a balcony.

And others also posted clips of them destroying their coffemakers:

While a number of conservatives kept pushing for a boycott, you had the inevitable response from liberals who were celebrating Keurig’s announcement.

Meanwhile, it didn’t take very long for Blue Check Twitter to have some fun with the whole episode.

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