Hannity: I’m So Sick of Joe and Mika, I’m ‘Very Very Close to Going “There”‘ With Them

Fox News host Sean Hannity has engaged in a lengthy feud with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that has grown nastier as Morning Joe has taken a more critical tone towards President Donald Trump. Therefore, when Trump took to Twitter this week to personally attack Joe and his co-host (and fiancee) Mika Brzezinski and blew up the news cycle, Hannity made sure to throw himself directly into the mix.

And on Saturday, he made a veiled threat to the couple that he was just about ready to reveal some dirt about them:

So what exactly is Sean looking to disclose about Brzezinski and Scarborough? One can’t be sure. But back in January, Hannity took a shot at Joe on Twitter claiming that the MSNBC personality and ex-Congressman shouldn’t mock him over something he tweeted because Scarborough had “many skeletons” in his “closet (& office).”

As we wrote then, this is what Hannity was referring to with that tweet:

Yes, Hannity is indeed referencing the story of the dead intern found in Scarborough’s district office when he was still a Congressman in 2001. While there is absolutely no evidence Scarborough had anything to do with the office worker’s death, as it was found that she died from heart problems and hitting her head on a desk, conspiracy theories were tossed around claiming Joe was responsible and that’s why he resigned from Congress.

One wonders if this is the level where Hannity wants to take his mudslinging to. Or maybe he just wants to take shots at them as a couple, like he did last month when he said he was willing to pay for therapy for them because they’d become “unhinged.”

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