Here Are Saddest Images From Some Losing Campaigns in Iowa Last Night


Republican candidate Ted Cruz and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton each left Iowa late last night with victories under their belts (barely, for Clinton of course). Other campaigns were also in a position to celebrate despite not finishing first in the Hawkeye State caucuses. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spoke triumphantly to an enthusiastic crowd, noting his “virtual tie” with Clinton, while Florida Senator Marco Rubio victory-lapped his third place finish before leaving for New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, politics is a tough business, and not everyone can go home a winner. And if a picture says a thousand words, man do some of these photos from the losing campaigns last night speak volumes.

Here’s what the Martin O’Malley stage looked like last night when it became clear that the former Maryland Governor would not get to compete with his Democratic rivals. He suspended his campaign, and this photo paints a bleak portrait of defeat:

Here’s a partially eaten cake celebrating the caucus night for O’Malley, and although the Tweet claims that 60 people showed up, there’s a possibility that this cake went mostly uneaten. Hopefully it was donated to the ravenous Sanders crowd down the street:

Here’s the Carly Fiorina event in Iowa, which the Republican candidate willingly skipped in order to head to New Hampshire early. Note the sad frumpy table cloths, the Sanders speech playing in the background, and the lack of humanity.

Trump’s headquarters were uncharacteristically somber after his second place finish, and his event very quickly emptied out after his quick (and unusually humble?) speech:

Were you in Iowa last night, and see for yourself the painful reality of your candidate finishing below expectation? Send us a photo of democratic depression at its best! The New Hampshire Primary is only one week away, shortly followed by South Carolina and Nevada; something tells us that we will soon have many more sad campaign photos from the quickly dwindling 2016 field.

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