Here’s Video of Dinesh D’Souza Acting Gangster for Vanity Fair

Tough Guy Dinesh D’Souza recently became a convict and now has street cred, which he flaunts in this video — jokingly or not, it’s hard to tell with him –promoting an upcoming profile of the pundit in Vanity Fair.

D’Souza is currently serving time for campaign finance fraud in what Vanity Fair describes as a “nighttime confinement center,” but is allowed to work during the day, proving that there is, indeed, such a thing as a halfway crook.

In his interview with Vanity Fair, D’Souza talks about being in night jail (“Then there was the mandatory rape class, which was about ‘establishing that all of us have a right not to be raped,’”), and still very much believes that the Obama administration prosecuted him because of his political beliefs and criticisms of the President. But though he called the experience a taste of “the empire striking back”, D’Souza says that “far from denting my career, [the conviction] has actually brought me to the attention of a wider audience.”

Watch below via Vanity Fair:

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