Here’s What Happened When ‘Giant Meteor’ Was Polled as an Alternative to Clinton, Trump


sweet meteor of deathWith many people frustrated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their two options in the fall, the “SMOD” meme is starting to make a big comeback.

What’s SMOD, you ask? Sweet Meteor of Death.

Yes, the daily grind of the campaign has led people to look at their options and go, “You know what? I’d rather see the end of all life as we know it. Bring on the meteor.”

There’s even an official Sweet Meteor O’Death presidential Twitter account:

So Public Policy Polling decided to get some actual numbers [PDF] on where SMOD polls. And surprisingly, it does pretty well.

In a choice between Clinton, Trump, and “a Giant Meteor hitting the earth,” 13 percent went with the meteor, while Clinton still beats Trump 43-38.

And if you take the meteor out of it, Clinton wins 48-44.

Oh, and if you’re wondering “Hey, what about Gary Johsnon?”, well…

Yep, voters would rather see the end of all civilization than consider third-party options.

(And again, before you ask, if you throw Johnson or Jill Stein into the mix, Clinton still leads Trump 45-41.)

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