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Hulu Introducing Original Programming, Five Minutes At A Time

Ever think to yourself, I wish there was a show out there that was The Daily Show meets SNL‘s Weekend Update segment meets SportsCenter? Then it’s your lucky day, because Hulu is currently planning an original program that aims to be just that. This program, whose genre is listed as infotainment/comedy/satire, will run for five minutes every Monday through Friday and offer a “quick and humorous survey of the past 24 hours of media and pop culture.” So, basically, it’s the Internet.

The show is still in early stages, but All Things Digital has some of the details:

Think of all of the TV shows that do something like this already–pretty much everything that runs on E! and half of what runs on VH-1–and shrink it down to a bite-size Web creation.

Of course, there are a number of websites that more or less serve that function, from Best Week Ever to Gawker TV to this website right here. But Hulu plans to further simplify the media landscape by having hosts present it to you, which will keep you safe from ever having to read any pesky words and stuff.

Who will be hosting? It could be you! All Things Digital has dug up the casting call ad, as well as more information of the new show, here.

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