‘I Remember You Before You Had a RNC Job!’: CNN’s Navarro Corners GOP Hispanic Director’s Hypocrisy

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.57.50 PMThe gloves flew off on CNN this afternoon when network’s contributor Ana Navarro called out the RNC’s Director of Hispanic Communications for her flip-flopping regarding her support for Donald Trump.

Chatting with Ashleigh Banfield Monday, Helen Aguirre Ferré spoke to the recent efforts of the Trump campaign to come to terms with his long-stated plans of a deportation force to remove eleven million undocumented workers. Reports yesterday indicated that the Republican nominee is undergoing considerations “to be determined” on how to go about executing the plan. Ferré was in the room with Trump during a recent meeting on the issue, and she clarified to Banfield, “[Trump] never said the word deportation; he never said the word legalization… there’s no way for any of us to know,” exactly what his plans are. A major policy address on immigration — a hallmark of his campaign — is expected for sometime this week. “But he was thoughtful,” she added.

Navarro on the other hand — who had absolutely never backed down from her criticism of of the GOP nominee — wasn’t having any of Ferré’s fair language.

“He launched his campaign on the theme that Hispanics were rapists and criminals!” Navarro pointed out, before launching into a litany of other issues that the candidate has been guilty of: questioning Judge Curiel‘s ability to effectively do his job on account of his heritage, telling Jeb Bush to stop speaking Spanish, telling Jorge Ramos to go back to Univision, etcétera etcétera.

“He’s been kicking us like puppies!” she exclaimed.

But it was when Ferré’s attempted to counter her claims that Navarro got real personal with her attack:

“I’m old enough to remember when you used to Tweet against Donald Trump! I’m old enough to remember when you used to be as offended as I am by the things Donald Trump used to say! That was before he was the nominee, before you had a RNC job!”

Ferré attempted to shift the conversation onto Hillary Clinton instead. “I’m offended that she panders to our community,” countered Ferré.

Banfield meanwhile pressed Ferré hard on the fact that with only weeks left until the election, very little of substance is actually known about the man’s policy proposals regarding this controversial topic. “Shouldn’t we know by now what the immigration policy of the Republican leader is? At this point, shouldn’t he be clear?” she countered to Ferré. “He’s has ample time to craft the policy!”

“You’ll be hearing it soon enough,” concluded Ferré.

“I hope so, God I hope so,” said the host.

Watch the above exchange from CNN.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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