‘I’m Not Answering Your Question!’: Ex-Clinton Advisor Loses It as Fox News Segment Goes Off the Rails

Towards the end of an already eventful segment on Fox News revolving around the GOP Obamacare replacement bill, one guest got into it with the host, leading to things getting heated really fast.

Simon Rosenberg, former Clinton advisor and founder of the New Democrat Network, was asked by Melissa Francis the number one thing he would do to make the healthcare plan better. He shot back, stating that he didn’t like the way the discussion was being framed.

“I reject the entire framing of this conversation,” he exclaimed. “The market was broken when Barack Obama came to the White House. People were not able to get insurance. Health care inflation was galloping. We fixed those things.”

When Francis jumped in, asking about markets where there’s only one choice, an incensed Rosenberg responded.

“You’ve been interrupting me,” Rosenberg stated. “Let me finish. I’m answering your question. So tens of millions of people have insurance who didn’t have it before. They’re happy with that insurance. We know that from polling.”

After he mentioned some of the features of Obamacare, Francis explained that he was repeating himself and that she wanted him to answer her question. “I’m not answering your question,” he yelled, “Our idea is on the table! The Republicans don’t like it!”

Francis jumped back in, asking what about the places with only one insurer available and if that means the answer is more government tax dollars.

“Yeah, that’s the answer,” Rosenberg replied. “Okay, I’m glad you’re willing to admit it on television,” Francis concluded.

Watch the exchange above, via Fox News.

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