Instagram is Going Behind-the-Scenes with Bret Baier During the Fox News Debate Tonight


The @Instagram account on Instagram usually features beautiful photographs of landscapes, cultural celebrations, sporting events, or nature. Whenever I see it, I think that the creators of the photo-sharing app maintain that account bitterly, furious that practically everyone else uses it for selfies, shots of their lunch, and mediocre memes. Since last night, though, they’ve peppered something new into the procession of art, fashion, and pretension: Fox News.

Bret Baier, a moderator from tonight’s debate, is featured and described like this:

“Time management” onstage is top of mind for @foxnews anchor Bret Baier (@bretbaier), who will moderate the Republican debate, held in Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday. “It’s tough to juggle all the plates spinning on the stage to make sure it’s fair to the candidates up there,” he says, referring to the 10 contenders he started with, then seven and now four. “For [us], the people who cover the candidates, it’s nonstop. You realize the gauntlet we have set up in this process to become president,” he says, revealing just one of the things that goes on onstage but behind the cameras: “During commercial breaks, a lot of the candidates come up to the desk and work the refs a little bit … ‘I’m not getting enough questions,’ etc.” Bret knows what his goal for the night is though: creating informative moments — the ones he aims to foster are “substantive but fiery.” Photo of @bretbaier by @maxwhittaker

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The photo currently has 391,000,000 likes, which isn’t bad by the standards of normal users, but still pales in comparison to Instagram’s most notable uploaders, like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. A Kylie or Kendall Jenner photo, for example, routinely reaches 1,000,000,000 likes. The post before Baier’s is a clip that lasts a few seconds and features paper art. It has 559,000,000 likes. Clearly, Instagram’s users don’t often fire up the app for hard-hitting news or political content.

Still, this is a cool thing for the social media giant to do. Behind-the-scenes shots of actors preparing for big awards shows aren’t uncommon on the @Instagram account and politicians use the medium to advance their campaigns, but the app itself delving into politics is something new altogether. It seems like Instagram is taking a leaf from the Face…book.

According to Fox, they are the first network to send photojournalists to a debate exclusively for Instagram. The benefit of this is that users will be able to see photo and video not available on the regular broadcast. To view it, just head to the “explore” page; the video will be featured there for the over 100 million Instagram users in America.

Baier, too, is getting in on the action with his own personal account. He posted a photo of himself eating while reviewing his questions for the debate, so he is not unlike the rest of us, really. He cranked up the saturation on this baby, too, solidifying his status as a regular ol’ Instagrammer:

Follow along on Instagram or, of course, watch Fox News tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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