Is Plane Debris Found Near Madagascar Missing Malaysia Flight 370?


The plane debris found on an island near Madagascar today has people speculating that it could be the remains of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. You may recall that in March of 2014, MH370 went missing and the mystery to find it (as well as learning the fate of those aboard) captivated cable news for weeks on end.

So is the debris found today from MH370? Maybe.

These are images taken earlier today:

French investigators are looking into whether the debris is from MH370, but one anonymous U.S. official has already helped ramp up the speculation:

One aviation expert certainly thinks it’s MH370. He tweeted this comparison between what a B777 wing looks like and what the debris found today looks like:

And he even told The Telegraph, “I’ve been studying hundreds of photos and speaking to colleagues. And we all think it is likely that the wing is that of a Boeing 777 – the same plane as MH370. Police in Reunion examining the wreckage say that it looks like it’s been in the water for around a year, which again would fit with MH370. We can’t say for certainty, but we do think there is a chance that this is it.”

Wall Street Journal aerospace reporter threw in his two cents:

And a flight instructor on Twitter also urged some caution:

So basically, it could be MH370, but there have been other plane crashes in the area, so the debris could possibly be from one of those.

Update- 9:56 pm EST: Malaysia Airlines put out a statement tonight saying they’re working to confirm whether it’s MH370:

[image via screengrab]

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