Is the White House Correspondents Dinner Really a ‘Nerd Prom’?


Somehow, in the past few years, the shorthand for the White House Correspondents Dinner became #nerdprom. Because, presumably, it’s supposed to be exactly night your average prom night, except with nerds who care about nerdy things like politics. Except that the description might not actually be that accurate. In fact, quite a lot of people have been complaining about how that name is an incredible misnomer.

So we know what the “normals” think of #nerdprom. But what about the people who are actually at the event? Do they consider it to be a fair name? Well, so far, a few people in attendance, like Barbara Walters and Touré, were asked about the name today.

And Veep star Timothy Simons said last night he’ll be searching for the biggest nerd at the event. He even shared a few things he learned about D.C. in researching Veep, including that “everybody has two phones” (which will come as a big surprise to at least two Supreme Court Justices).

So, is the “nerd prom” label accurate? Well, let’s put it this way. Tomorrow is May the Fourth. Which is Star Wars Day. And any event held tomorrow to commemorate Star Wars Day will be way more of a nerd prom than a politico/celebrity-filled D.C. event can ever be.

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