‘It’s Nonsense’: Tapper Hammers Trump for Saying McCain Shouldn’t Discuss Yemen Raid Failure



President Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to personally attack and insult Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) over McCain’s criticism of the raid in Yemen. The Arizona lawmaker has labeled the mission a “failure” in the wake of heavy civilian causalities, the target not being taken down, and Yemen withdrawing permission to American special operations to carry out missions there.

In response to McCain’s criticism of the raid, Trump claimed that McCain shouldn’t be talking about the success or failure of missions while essentially calling him a loser. Trump also invoked the death of a Navy SEAL to characterize the raid as a “winning” mission.

CNN’s Jake Tapper took umbrage with Trump’s tweets and posted a multi-part thread to Twitter to explain that it was “nonsense” to say anyone, “let alone a former POW,” shouldn’t be able to discuss failures and successes of missions.

The CNN anchor also brought up Republicans’ (and Trump’s) constant criticism of Benghazi in the past, along with pointing to Trump’s previous denigration of McCain’s status as a war hero.

Tapper added that this is the president’s MO — anyone who criticizes or challenges him must be attacked.

And further noted that in the past Trump has criticized previous presidents over mission failures.

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