Jeff Sessions Says He’s Confident Mueller Probe Will Be Handled ‘Appropriately and With Justification’

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke out after his firing by President Donald Trump to Judith Miller.

And as Miller writes, if Sessions is bitter he’s not showing it:

He would have every right to be bitter about being demeaned for months by his boss as a “traitor,” an “idiot” and a “dumb Southerner.” But if he is, Mr. Sessions is too gracious and loyal to say so. “We’ve had a good run,” he says. “It’s been an adventure.”

And what an “adventure” it’s been.

The President, of course, has lashed out at Sessions for months now, fueled by his anger over Sessions’ recusal on the Russia probe. Report after report has made clear that Trump blames a lot of his headaches on that decision, not to mention the tweets where he’s publicly trashed him.

For the record, Sessions still does not regret that decision. He expressed “confidence” that the Mueller probe will be handled “appropriately and with justification,” even if he finds it surprising it’s lasted this long.

He declined to comment specifically on his discussions with White House officials, but Miller writes that “Neither Mr. Trump nor Vice President Mike Pence called him to thank him for his service.”

You can read the whole thing here.

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