Jesse Watters Shows Unearthed Video of Beto O’Rourke Bizarrely Wearing a Onesie and a Sheep Mask


For some reason, back in 2003 Beto O’ Rourke thought it was a great idea to wear a onesie and a sheep mask to try his hand at punk rock.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters could not resist sharing a bit of the odd video along with a bit of snark about the whole thing.

He also showed an image of O’Rourke wearing a dress.

“Beto here rocking out on rhythm guitar back in 2003 wearing onesie and a sheep mask,” Watters said, with a laugh.

The Fox host then added it was not O’Rourke’s only questionable costume.

“Beto here dressed to impressed wearing a dress,” he said flashing an undated photo.

According to Mother Jones, who unearthed the cheeky performance, the costumes were all part of O’Rourke’s punk rock band called Foss and dressing up was just part of the gig.

“Our persona was that we were a very famous band from New Zealand and we didn’t want people to know our true identities—that’s why we wore masks,” Ailbhe Cormack, the band’s bassist, told Mother Jones in an attempt to explain the outfits.  “I think people followed along with the mystery of it, but they knew who we were.”

It was while part of Foss, O’Rourke donned the onesie, sheep mask and, apparently, also a bad Kiwi accent.

Watch more of Foss’ sheep-costumed performance below:

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