Jill Stein Gets Predictable Backlash After Calling Castro a ‘Symbol of the Struggle for Justice’


jill-stein-gage-skidmore-at-wikimedia-commonsDr. Jill Stein decided to get in on Saturday night’s political conversation by talking about the death of Fidel Castro. SPOILER ALERT: it didn’t go very well.

The Green Party candidate has been making waves lately as she raises funds for election recounts in three states. This has occurred despite the fact that multiple parties are questioning Stein’s motives and asking what a recount would actually change.

Tonight, Stein decided to change course and talk about the recently-announced death of Cuba’s former leader:

While Stein holds a more-forgiving opinion, a lot of people have been condemning Castro and pointing to the evidence of how he turned Cuba into a brutal dictatorship. This being the case, Townhall editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich had something to say about Stein’s tweet:

And apparently, there were a lot of other people who also had something to say:

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