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Joe Scarborough Exposes Hypocrisy Of Huffington’s “Lizard Brains” Analogy

Arianna Huffington had a theory on Morning Joe today. It involved Lizard Brains. And also, an interesting hope vs. fear analogy.

The theory was then exposed clearly, and hilariously, as hypocritical by Joe Scarborough.

“You’re being rational, and this is not a rational election,” said Huffington in the middle of a segment about just how many seats Democrats are set to lose. Here’s the deal:

People are operating out of fear and anxiety at the moment. And when they operate out of fear and anxiety, they operate out of what they call their ‘lizard brains’.

Pause. Deep breath. Read about Lizard Brains. Okay. She continued: “Lizard brains are not susceptible to rationality. That’s why the argument of, ‘you just voted them out and you want to vote them in’ isn’t going to cut it.”

Scarborough jumped on it. “Lizard brains? Is that what Americans did in ’08 when they elected a state senator President of the United States?” asked Scarborough. “Was that fear?”

“No, it was hope,” said Huffington, to some chuckles from the panel.

A couple minutes later, Scarborough summed it up: “When Democrats win people are using the hope side of their brain, when Republicans win, people are using the lizard side of their brain.”

Check out the back-and-forth from Morning Joe today. Lizard Brains!:

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