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Joe Scarborough Feuds With NRATV Host: ‘You Are So Scared of Me’

Hey, did you know that the NRA has their very own streaming TV channel? Well, now you do, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is currently embroiled in a feud with one of their hosts, Grant Stinchfield.

It all started with a bombastic segment led by Stinchfield (video above) that piled on Scarborough for leading the “anti-gun charge.”

“He’s choosing his media millions over protecting your rights,” he said. “Joe Scarborough is a disgrace. He throws wild accusations in an effort to please his liberal anti-gun bosses and destroy all of you, all of us.”

Perhaps Stinchfield and the NRA bigwigs expected a slight retort tomorrow morning but, instead, Scarborough went all in, issuing one of the tweetstorms to end all Scarborough tweetstorms:

It started with Scarborough saying “I have the constitution on my side” and accusing the NRA of spreading “lies, hate and fear.”

“You are so scared of me,” he wrote.

The former Florida congressman then took the time to elaborate on his beliefs regarding gun control, which seem a far cry from the kind of rampant shredding of the constitution that Stinchfield has accused him of.

He also accused the organization of turning “up hate with your ads.”

Scarborough also blamed the gun lobbying group for inciting violence, fearing that their hateful rhetoric will only lead to “getting someone killed.”

He even roped The Daily Caller into the fray, after reporter Mike Bastasch accused Scarborough of making the “dumbest comments on Twitter today,” implying they’re shilling for the gun lobby.

Meanwhile, funeral services were held today for two of the slain teenagers who perished in last week’s Stoneman Douglas High School massacre, with more to come as the week progresses.

UPDATE –– 7:17 pm ET: Scarborough kept going in response to The Daily Caller:

[image via screenshot]

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