Joe Scarborough Mystified by Don Jr. ‘Stupidity’: ‘I Guess it Runs in the Family’


Donald Trump Jr. did not have a good day yesterday.

What started Sunday as a story about a meeting with a Russian lawyer about the adoption of children had spiraled by Monday into a clear attempt by the president’s eldest son to solicit damaging information about Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. The revelations came in a series of brutal New York Times stories.

As the story dripped out over the last 24 hours, Joe Scarborough marveled at Trump Jr.’s impulse to tweet his defense about the meetings, while the leaks were unfolding — a decision which may now put him in significant legal jeopardy.

The subject dominated the first hour of Morning Joe, with Scarborough blasting the younger Trump for being “stupid” before suggesting that it clearly “runs in the family”

“How stupid of Don Jr.” said Scarborough. “I mean I guess it runs in the family, to go on Twitter when he is clearly in legal jeopardy. This time yesterday morning everyone knew he was clearly in legal jeopardy. He goes up on Twitter again yesterday only to be undercut by the New York Times last night because inside his own White House, inside his own administration are leaking on him.”

The quip appears to conflate Trump Jr. with his father — but the point is well-taken all the same. The Times‘ most damaging revelations were only obtained after the paper received a private email that was sent to Trump. If information that sensitive has been compromised, it staggers imagination to think of what shoes are left to drop.

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