John Oliver and Dustin Hoffman Get Heated Over Sexual Harassment During Film Panel


Things got very uncomfortable during a film panel between Last Week Tonight host John Oliver and actor Dustin Hoffman on the subject of sexual harassment that has rocked Hollywood these past few months.

At a screening commemorating the 20th anniversary of the film Wag the Dog, Oliver, who was emceeing the event, confronted Hoffman over allegations that were made against him by a production assistant who worked on the 1985 televised adaptation of Death of a Salesman.

According to Steve Zeitchik of The Washington Post, who documented the exchange via tweets, “all hell broke loose.”

CBS reporter Laura Podesta snuck a photo of the panel and Hoffman accused Oliver of making an “incredible assumption” about him.

In a report from Deadline, there were mixed reactions from the audience.

The audience seemed divided — some in the well-heeled crowd, who had forked over hundreds of dollars to spend the night re-living a Clintonian satire, took offense at Oliver staying on the issue. “Move on!” one person shouted. “He thinks it’s funny,” sputtered one man as he escorted his wife out of the theatre. Others applauded when Oliver expressed his view. “Thank you for believing women!” one woman called out.

[image via Laura Podesta]

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