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Jon Stewart Advises President On Town Hall Attendee “Exhausted Of Defending” Obama

On Monday of this week, CNBC broadcast a Town Hall meeting with voters primarily concerned with the state of the economy. And as we wrote about then, there appears to be a breakout star: Velma Hart, who calmly and frankly explained to the President that she was “exhausted of defending” the President. Judging by last night’s cable news shows, it seems that no producer left that clip unused, and The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart was no exception.

After playing the “money shot” where Ms. Hart directly told the president that she was “exhausted of defending you.” Stewart set-up a funny bit based on her identity, saying “just because she gave an incredibly reasonable critique of the Obama administration and cut to the very heart of this administration’s greatest failing, you know, so what. who is she?”

Ms. Hart calmly explained “I am a Chief Financial Officer for a veterans service organization.” Adding “I’m also a mother, I’m a wife, I’m an American veteran,” to which Stewart astonished “A black lady financial analyst veteran?! We have found Obama’s Kryptonite!”

Stewart then took that as a jumping off point to “talk directly” to President Obama (presuming that he was either watching the show or operating camera three. In an effort to shed some light on the woman’s dilemma, he then aired campaign clips presented as “she voted for this!”

You can guess how the segment proceeds, or, through the magic of the digital age in which we now live, you can watch the clip embedded below for your convenience.

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