Journalists Bash PolitiFact For New Reader Advocate: A Politician Who Once Threatened a Reporter [UPDATED]


Earlier today, fact-checking site PolitiFact announced that they were trying out a new experiment. Stating that this experiment will initially run until the end of April, the site added ex-Republican Congressman David Jolly and former Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson as their first-ever reader advocates.

While PolitiFact seemed especially proud of itself for bringing on the two former lawmakers to help critique their fact-checks, journalists and reporters weren’t nearly as impressed. Why? Well, it could have something to do with that a little 2016 incident in which Grayson threatened to have a Politico reporter arrested.

Below is just a sampling of media members tearing into PolitiFact:

Journalist Yashar Ali made sure to tweet out a video of Grayson threatening the reporter while calling PolitiFact’s decision “shameful.”

The reporter that Grayson threatened, Edward-Isaac Dovere, had this to say today:

UPDATE 3:52 p.m. EST 

It looks like PolitiFact was paying attention to this burgeoning scandal. The site has dumped Grayson, releasing a statement on the matter via Twitter.


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