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Joy Behar Urges Press Secretary Spicer To ‘Get Out Now’ and ‘Get a Job At CNN’

Today on ABC’s The View, the panelists got to work right away lambasting Kellyanne Conway for her immediately infamous pronouncement about the rise of “alternative facts” and Sean Spicer for his fiery, falsehood-filled press briefing. (They aren’t the first to do this and won’t be the last.)

Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that when Donald Trump‘s administration lies about petty things like inaugural attendance, they ultimately lose the trust of Trump’s own voters.

“That’s what was so disconcerting to me,” observed Sunny  Hostin. “Our eyes aren’t deceiving us. We see the pictures. Crowd scientists have said, ‘Clearly, President [BarackObama had more people at the inauguration.’ This press secretary, he’s the official — he’s a White House official — and he’s responsible for disseminating information on behalf of he administration, on behalf of the government. If we can’t believe what he is telling us, what can we believe? It’s really nothing.”

Jedediah Bila mentioned that Spicer asserting inaccuracies is really a sign that directives to lie are coming straight from the top. Really, then, the press briefing told Americans less about Spicer than it did about Trump.

“When you see Spicer come out or you see Kellyanne Conway come out and do these things, it’s a reflection of him and what the man behind all of that cares about and what he cares about is his own ego,” she said.

Ultimately, after the panel went around about Conway and Spicer for a while longer, Joy Behar said, “He can still get out. Get out now, Sean! Get out now! I said it to Kellyanne and now I’m saying it to you, Sean! There’s time to get out. You’ll get a job on CNN. Trust me.”

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