Las Vegas Resort Sues Tennessee Tea Party Group Over Hotel Bill

Some (certainly not I) might say that one Tennessee Tea Party group was brewing up trouble when it booked — then postponed, then ultimately canceled — a conference at the Palazzo resort in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Review-Journal ventures to say they’re in hot water over the cancellation. The group, you see, had initially booked a conclave for July 14 -18, 2010 before postponing it for October of that year and then ultimately canceling the gathering altogether.

The lawsuit, which was filed this week by Venetian Casino Resort, LLC. against the Tea Party Nation Corporation of Franklin, Tennessee, alleges the group owes the resort a total of $642,144 for having booked 1,637 room nights at the resort.

The Review-Journal breaks down the group’s bill by the numbers:

According to a contract attached to the complaint, the reservation included an agreement by Tea Party Nation to pay the resort $579,148 in the event of a cancellation, of which the resort alleges the group still owes $554,148. An 18 percent interest charge added $87,996 to the amount the resort wants to collect.

The same Tennessee group had also organized a similar event in February of 2010, charging attendees a whopping $549. At the time, other Tea Party members voiced their concerns over the high price of the event, accusing the Tennessee faction of being opportunistic.

h/t Las Vegas Review-Journal

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