Let’s Revisit How MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Found Herself on the Cover Of That Prince Single

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 4.55.09 PMAll day, a full-length mirror selfie featuring Tamron Hall has been appearing over and over again on MSNBC viewers’ screens. That photo, it turns out, graced the cover of one of Prince‘s singles last year, and since everyone in the media and beyond has been paying tributes to the late legend, there’s no better time to bring that single back up.

How did Hall end up on the cover of a single for one of the nation’s most prolific artists, though?

Well, they’ve been friends a long time!

In fact, today on Today, it was revealed that she had declined an offer to go visit him in Minnesota this weekend. She was not on the show this morning, but her statement was read aloud. This must be a difficult time, so let’s check out this video about the single cover from a happier one:

She explained that it was “a private picture,” not one that had been made available on her social media channels. Then, she admitted that she sent him photos regularly to get his fashion advice, so the sending of a selfie wasn’t out of character in their relationship.

Watch above to hear the story in Hall’s own words.

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