Liberals and Reporters Fret Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks Represent a ‘Military Junta’


trump-mattiseditedReporters and liberals (but I repeat myself) complained Wednesday about the number of retired military Donald Trump was selecting for his cabinet, with many wondering it didn’t represent a “military junta.”

Among Trump’s picks so far: retired Marine Gen. James Mattis for Secretary of Defense, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly for Secretary of Homeland Security, and retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor. All are now retired civilians, but the selection of Kelly evidently worried many on Twitter:

The Atlantic‘s Julia Ioffe:

The New Yorker editor Nicholas Thompson:

The Green Party:

The National Post‘s Andrew Coyne:

Perpetual second-place finisher Clay Aiken:

Some guy:

The term “junta” is typically reserved for dictatorial governments led by active military, not governments under civilian control with former military in high-ranking roles. The term also typically carries the connotation that the ruling class came into power “after a revolutionary seizure of power.”

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