Limbaugh Accuses Democrats Of Being Slave Owning, Drug Dealers Who Turn Minorities Into ‘Parasites’

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh asked why Democrats respond to sensible budget plans with “outrageous, extremist reactions.” He then compared them to slave owners and drug dealers. Clearly, the real question is why Democrats respond with such boring, extremist reactions when a guy like Limbaugh can come up with awesome ones every day.

The conversation came as Limbaugh discussed the response to the House Republicans’ budget plan for 2012. He wondered aloud why the Democrats were reacting so poorly and answered the question in a truly epic rant about the Democrats’ “enslavement” of minorities.

Here’s a sample:

“So the Democrat Party enslaves minorities. Enslaves the poor. The Democrat Party exploits the lazy. And it’s not just minorities. Anybody that’s too lazy or too afraid to look out for themselves, the Democrat Party is waiting to glom onto them and basically turn them into parasites.”

Seriously, get your act together, Democrats. That’s the way extremist reactions are supposed to sound!

Check out the clip below:


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