Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Taken To ‘Cory Booker Memorial Woodshed For Endorsing Romney’

Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Taken To 'Cory Booker Memorial Woodshed...' 

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on Bill Clinton‘s recent remarks, in which he praised Mitt Romney‘s “sterling” business career. Noting that Clinton’s hardly the only surrogate of President Obama‘s who’s veered away from the anti-Bain message, Limbaugh observed that Clinton was taken to the “Cory Booker Memorial Woodshed.” For endorsing Romney.

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“So it looks like Bill Clinton, ladies and gentlemen, was taken to the woodshed,” Limbaugh said. “Bill Clinton was taken to the Cory Booker Memorial Woodshed for endorsing Romney last week.” He went on: “You’ve got to wonder, what is in this woodshed to get so many people to change their tunes so quickly? It’s gotta be a pretty big woodshed. All these Democrats have been taken to the woodshed.”

Limbaugh was referring to Clinton’s interview with Piers Morgan fill-in Harvey Weinstein last week, in which Clinton said referred to Romney as a “man who has been governor and had a sterling business career.” He added, “When you try, like anything else you try, you don’t always succeed. […] I don’t think that we ought to get into the position where we say, ‘This is bad work.’ This is good work.”

About the remarks that have put Obama surrogates in the proverbial woodshed, Limbaugh said, “they were profound endorsements, some really serious defections.” Everyone reacted to Clinton, he said, but no one else is quite calling it an endorsement. Noting Clinton’s own response to the hoopla, in which he said people were responding as if he’d “virtually” endorsed Romney, Limbaugh said, “there wasn’t anything virtual about it.” It was “everything but the word.”

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