Limbaugh Goes Off On Media For Lack Of Outrage Over Bob Schieffer’s Nazi/Gun Lobby Comment

Rush Goes Off On Media For Lack Of Outrage Over Schieffer's Gun Lobby Comment

On his radio show Thursday afternoon, Rush Limbaugh scolded the media for its lack of outrage over Bob Schieffer‘s “over-the-top” comments comparing President Obama taking on the gun lobby to other difficult struggles like defeating Nazi Germany in World War II.

Limbaugh joins fellow conservative radio host Mark Levin in condemning Schieffer’s remarks and wondering aloud why the media have not expressed outrage over such a comparison.

Schieffer’s comments came immediately after Obama announced 23 new “executive actions” on gun violence. He said on CBS, “What happened in Newtown was probably the worst day in this country’s history since 9/11 […] Surely, finding Osama bin Laden, surely passing civil rights legislation – as Lyndon Johnson was able to do – and, before that, surely defeating the Nazis was a much more formidable task than taking on the gun lobby.”

“Why is that not an example of just over-the-top defamation, exaggeration, insulting, not to mention a lack of civility,” Limbaugh remarked. He added that the comments were an insult to “decent, good-hearted” Americans who support the National Rifle Association.

“Where is the media outrage at Bob Schieffer comparing Obama’s gun initiatives with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, killing bin Laden, … and the Hitler comparison?” the radio talker opined. “Why does the left get away with all of these? This man is ostensibly a journalist. He’s supposedly a newsman.”

Limbaugh continued on to say that instead of expressing outrage at Schieffer’s comments, the media actively engages in portraying Obama’s opposition as “evil” people through “smear, defamation, slander as they did with Romney in the presidential campaign.”

Echoing the sentiments of Levin, Limbaugh then concluded that Schieffer is one of many “political activists disguised as journalists.”

Listen below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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