comScore Liz Mair Unleashes Tweetstorm on Why Walker Campaign Failed

Liz Mair Unleashes Tweetstorm on Why Walker Campaign Failed

As the media continues to examine how Scott Walker‘s campaign reached the point where he had to call it quits today, a former staffer went on a scathing online tirade about the numerous ways in which Walker went wrong.

Liz Mair is a digital media consultant who was forced to resign in the midst of some controversy, bashing the importance of Iowa to the presidential nomination process. “The tone of some of my tweets concerning Iowa was at odds with that which Gov. Walker has always encouraged in political discourse,” Mair said in March.

Shortly after Walker’s announcement, Mair unloaded on him on Twitter with her complete list of reasons for why his run failed to attract voters and donors:

Among the other criticisms that Mair brought up, she included mention of Walker’s potential overconfidence in securing Iowa, his inability to work through certain “tics” and weaker areas of policy, and not bringing in the right staff to help him.

Mair did bring it back to her firing though, where she said that that might not have been the moment of truth for Walker, but that it reflected a growing problem within his campaign:

Towards the end, Mair wished Walker well with his future career, saying he still had the potential to make an impact and that he could try again once he works things out:

Mair left things off on an ominous note, however, floating whether Walker decided to kill his campaign prematurely because something big was on the way that would damage his chances beyond repair:

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