Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Defeated in Close Race

Charlie Sykes: If Scott Walker Loses, It Will Show He ‘Couldn’t Survive Trump in 2018’

Scott Walker: Trump Should ‘Tweet More,’ But Be More ‘Focused’ About It

‘Out of the Mainstream’: Wisconsin Governor, Senator Get Into Twitter Spat Over Neil Gorsuch

Scott Walker on Wisconsin Recount Efforts: ‘Hard to Justify’ to Taxpayers

Scott Walker Thinks GOP Congress Should Get Rid of the Filibuster

Twitter is Not Impressed With Scott Walker’s Lunch Choices

CNN’s Tapper: Didn’t Pence Create ‘Alternate Reality Version of Donald Trump’?

Scott Walker Activates National Guard in Response to Milwaukee Riots

Scott Walker Has Some Words of Advice for Donald Trump

GOP Congressman Openly Admits Voter ID Law Will Help Republicans Win Wisconsin

Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Ed Schultz: I’m Vindicated Now That ‘Freaking Loser’ Scott Walker’s Out of GOP Race

Scarborough Warns GOP: Grow Some ‘Balls’ or You’ll End Up Like Walker

Liz Mair Unleashes Tweetstorm on Why Walker Campaign Failed

GOP Field Expresses Well Wishes for Scott Walker as He Leaves 2016 Race

Scott Walker Drops Out of Presidential Race

Scott Walker: Media Would’ve Said Fiorina Won Debate ‘No Matter What’

Scott Walker: Obama Created Culture That Led to Police Murders

Scott Walker Says His Canada Fence Idea Was a Joke: ‘I’ve Never Talked About a Wall’

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