comScore Logan Paul Returns to YouTube With PSA on Suicide Prevention

Logan Paul Returns to YouTube With PSA on Suicide Prevention

Logan Paul returned to the Internet today with a short PSA on the controversial subject that caused him to go silent for the past three weeks.

Paul faced widespread condemnation earlier this month after he filmed a vlog where he laughed things off after discovering the body of a man who committed suicide in a Japanese forest. Paul offered multiple apologies over the incident, and he went quiet for a while after YouTube released a statement about how suicide is no laughing matter.

In his newest video, Paul spoke with various mental health officials to discuss suicide prevention and tips for reducing the stigma surrounding people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. The vlogger also had an emotional interview with Kevin Hines, who tried to kill himself in 2000 by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

“I know I’ve made mistakes, I know I’ve let people down,” Paul said. “It’s time to start a new chapter in my life as I continue to educate both myself an others about suicide. I’m humbled and thankful to say this is just the beginning.”

Paul concluded by saying he would further contribute to suicide prevention, and also plans to donate $1 million to organizations dedicated to helping those at risk.

You can watch above.

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