Man Threatening To Jump From Roof Of 30 Rock ‘Mesmerizes’ Office Staffers Below [UPDATE]

Thanks to Twitter, we have news that a man sitting on the roof down at 30 Rockefeller Center is causing some concern among employees. This picture, uploaded by NBC’s @Durrellojello from the building’s rooftop camera, shows a man (wearing pale blue) on the roof with what appears to be at least two officers in safety harnesses.

“Our office is mesmerized by this guy on roof of 30 Rock,” he writes. “Police seem to be trying to talk him down.”

Well, that’s moderately to utterly frightening. Luke Russert refers to the man as a “jumper” in his Tweet, and reports that the men on the scene are from the New York City fire department.

“There’s a jumper on top of 30 Rock,” he writes. “Pray he comes to his senses and for the #DNY trying to save him.”

We’ll keep you posted.

Update: The man is ok! Except for being arrested and all. From Luke Russert again:

We think Late Night‘s Questlove summed it all up nicely.

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