It’s On! Markos Moulitsas Responds To Chris Matthews’ Netroots Mockery


The MSNBC crossfire continues. On Thursday night, Chris Matthews dismissed the Democratic netroots as “troublemakers who love to sit in the back seat and complain:” you may recall that his colleague Keith Olbermann sometimes blogs at Daily Kos and recently used the platform to dismiss the health care bill currently under consideration.

Yesterday, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz rolled a clip of Matthews’ remarks for Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, who promptly fired back.

The Huffington Post has the transcript:

In 2003, when Bush landed his plane in the aircraft carrier, and spoke in front of the banner that said, ‘Mission Accomplished,’ Chris Matthews had an entire show based on that event,” Moulitsas said. “And he said everybody knows that we won the war, except a few critics. Well, I was one of those few critics. People like me in the Netroots were some of those critics. And it turns out that we were right and the Beltway conventional wisdom was wrong. And once again, we’re in a situation where people like Chris Matthews don’t learn from these mistakes. They’re trapped in this bubble and they think that they know better.”

“If Chris Matthews is worried about us working, and if he thinks that we’re not Democrats, then he really should be worried, because he’s got a thing coming,” Moulitsas said.

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