Martin Sheen Says He Knows What DC ‘Should Look Like’ Cause He Played The President On TV

Delusional thinking and extreme narcissism appears to be at an all-time high in Hollywood these days.

Actor Martin Sheen recently claimed that he knows what Washington “should look like” because, get this…… he once played the President on a TV show, according to The Hill.

Sheen recently authored a fundraising email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, titled “Disgusted.” The email was intended to help raise money for the DCCC’s 48-hour Mid-Year Deadline fundraiser.

“My time playing the president on The West Wing taught me what Washington should be like,” Sheen wrote. “With Republicans in control, it’s far from what we, as Americans, deserve.”

Like most clichéd Hollywood liberals, Sheen used the opportunity to slam President Trump and the Republicans and accuse them of “kowtowing to their rich special interests instead of representing the American people.”

The 76-year-old actor added that he’s “most disgusted by the Republican effort to gut health care and social programs for Americans in need.”

This was not the first time Sheen has attacked the President. Last year, he told The Hollywood Reporter that Trump was an “empty-headed moron,” and “he has absolutely nothing to offer us.”

The actor also contributed to a horribly ineffective video with several other self-righteous, mega-rich and completely out-of-touch celebrities urging Americans to vote against Trump. It most likely had the totally opposite effect.

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