‘Mass Extinction? Really?’ Rand Paul Slams ‘Alarmist’ Critics of Paris Accord Withdrawal


Many pundits and politicians from both sides of the aisle have slammed President Donald Trump for his announcement Thursday that the United States will pull out of the Paris climate accord. But one prominent Senator finds the reaction to be hyperbolic.

Appearing on CNN Thursday, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, quoted a critic of the move who said that it could potentially result in “mass extinction.”

“Mass extinction? Really?” Paul said. “That’s a ridiculous statement…I don’t think we should be alarmist about this.”

Paul objected to the deal on economic grounds. He claims the U.S. would lose more than six million jobs in the deal.

“I think one of the reasons President Trump was elected was that he would defend the American worker and defend American jobs,” Paul said. He added, “I can’t imagine a worse agreement for the American worker.”

Jake Tapper pushed back on a statement of Paul’s that questioned how much of climate change is the fault of man.

“Are you really saying that man is not contributing to climate change?” Tapper asked.

“This is the big argument that none of you guys get…How much is nature and how much is man?” Paul said. “I’m perfectly willing to admit that man can have an influence and we should minimize our pollution. But those who say that it is all man and don’t acknowledge that the 4.5 billion year old planet has gone through climate change based on natural effects…”

Watch above, via CNN.

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