Media Twitter Blasts Billionaire Joe Ricketts For Pulling Plug on DNAinfo and Gothamist: ‘Burn in Hell’


A week after the employees at the Gothamist and DNAinfo — two New York City websites the focus on local news stories — decided to unionize, billionaire owner Joe Ricketts suddenly shuttered the sites. Reportedly, Ricketts gave the journalists no advance notice he would be closing them down, as they stated they felt “blindsided.”

As one would imagine, the notion of a very wealthy man shutting down news outlets and killing dozens of jobs for seemingly vindictive reasons didn’t sit well with other journalists and reporters. And they teed off on Ricketts this evening:

Another thing that didn’t sit well with those in the media was the fact that Ricketts completely took the sites down, making it impossible for the now out-of-work journalists to access their past work to use on their resumes.

Others also noted that not keeping the archives up would take away some great reporting:

One reporter made the claim that the this was part of an intentional trend:

And another journalist helpfully shared a list of Gothamist/DNAinfo staffers that other outlets should hire:

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