Mediaite Live: McCain’s Caesarean Thumb, Scaramucci Uncensored and Cantone-Cuomo Love!


Mediaite’s own Managing Editor Colby Hall and Senior Editor Jon Levine continued their daily rundown of today’s news by covering the most recent fail to pass the latest health care bill, the drama of Anthony Scaramucci‘s vulgar interview, and the new comedic portrayal of a White House staffer.

Right out of the bat they went over the dramatic health care vote last night, in which the “very old” John McCain gave everyone a shock and a show by dramatically giving a thumbs down when he voted no on the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare. The dramatic thumbs down reminded Hall and Levine of a scene from The Gladiator, and called it “Shakespearean” and “like a renaissance painting.”

“All they want to do is say ‘look we passed something,’ but overlooking the thing that their passing may actually not be smart,” Colby said. “They’re treating health care policy clearly as a way to score political points.”

Hall and Levine were not the only ones analyzing McCain’s vote though. CNN’s Ana Cabrera wondered if McCain’s recent brain cancer diagnosis impacted the way he voted, saying “He had nothing to lose.” Hall even suggested that this is why Cabrera is usually “on weekend duty.” The two also laughed at Jason Miller for going on CNN and saying “We can’t dork around any longer,” and Colby ripped him by saying he’s “from the land with no chins.”

The segment moved on to CNN Contributor Maggie Haberman’s statement on TV this morning when she said “You’re seeing a group of Senate Republicans who not only don’t really fear the president, but are actively angry at him.” Hall loved the candor and said she is “a bad*ss.” This made Hall reassured Levine that he is not afraid of him, despite Levine joking that he is terrified of him.

The two moved on to the “much more fun” news, talking about Scaramucci’s interview with reporter Ryan Lizza in which he used some rated R language on record, despite Scaramucci saying he wasn’t on record. Levine enjoyed the freedom to read aloud the Mooch’s vulgar statement live, and hopes the New Yorker releases these recordings. Levine wasn’t the only one who enjoyed reading the statement, and “who is the only person who would think that what Scaramucci said was good?” President Trump. However, Levine reminded Scaramucci to keep the “mini” in “mini-me” when dealing with Trump, as Colby said “be careful not to fly too close to the sun.”

“Scaramucci reminds me of that trope in sitcoms, when a sitcom is in it’s sixth season, it’s kind of lost it’s mojo, so they add a kid, cousin Oliver on Brady Bunch. It’s like Scaramucci is the new character, he’ll bring new life into the Trump show at the White House,” Hall said.

Geraldo Rivera also had an opinion on Scaramucci on Fox & Friends this morning, defending his “locker room” language as just the way people talk the part of Long Island that he and Scaramucci are from. He continued by saying the “West Wing is absolutely riddled with rats.” The hosts drew notice to the fact that Rivera is friends with Trump and thus not a surprise that he backed him and his new communications director.

Finally, the pallet cleanser. When it was announced that Sean Spicer was stepping down, most people’s reaction was disappointment that Melissa McCarthy would no longer play Spicer on Saturday Night Live. So who is going to play Scaramucci in comedic portrayals? It was announced on CNN’s New Day that it would be comedian Mario Cantone, and he unveiled his character in the most entertaining way.

“Mario Cantone, another Italian-American that is suddently enjoying a moment. Suddenly kind of wish that I was, as Cuomo often says, more ethnic,” Hall said.

Finally, the two announced the media winner and loser of the day. Winner? Lizza. Loser? Kurt Schlichter for his insulting tweet to McCain or Mika Brzezinski for trying to get “Failure Friday” trending after the health care bill fail.

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