Mediaite Oddsmakers: What Will The Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally Be?


The big rally of non-ralliers takes place this weekend in Washington, D.C., as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert headline the “Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear.”

But what is it, exactly? There are a lot of questions – so it’s time to place your bets, for another round of Mediaite Oddsmakers!

We’ve seen the initial schedule for the rally, but it still doesn’t reveal too much. Gawker has compiled all the information out there, and there’s many questions yet to be answered. So let’s take some guesses.

It will be a comedy show – 40:1 – There’s not a very good chance that politics will remain out of the rally completely. Even if comedians grace the stage, there’s an element of politics that will likely be part of every comedy bit.

It will be a political rally (that will help Democrats) – 8:1 – Arianna Huffington wouldn’t be sending all those buses to Washington if she didn’t think it will help get out the vote – and get out the vote for Democrats.

It will be a political rally (that will hurt Democrats) – 8:1 – But some Democrats have their worries about what the rally will do. If it gets hyper-partisan, could it turn off some independent voters?

It will be a political rally (that Pres. Obama will attend) – 1,000,000:1 – He’s probably not showing up.

It will definitely not be a response to Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally – 14:1 – Stewart said on Larry King‘s CNN show the rally is not an “anti-Glenn Beck rally.” Well, that’s fine, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a response to what happened on 8/28.

It will definitely be a response to Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally – 15:1 – Big Hollywood is making a big deal of the fact that there are reports the rally will be a “parody” of Beck’s 8/28. I mean, the name itself is a parody of 8/28’s “Restoring Honor” rally. It’s highly likely there will be references to it (that will likely get played throughout the next week by Beck on radio and TV) but that doesn’t mean it is a direct response.

It will be a hybrid of all of these things – 2:1 – If it’s like The Daily Show, expect a mix of everything.

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